Spreadsheet exports

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Spreadsheets as a data export format are just horrible, but clients seem to consistently request it. ButIDontWannaItJustFeels…ComeON!! don’t you know we have a beautiful REST JSON API?! Sigh… Okay so at least there is Apache POI to help out. I made a couple simple utility methods that take a Map of data and either turns it into a spreadsheet or fills in a spreadsheet that you feed it. Not enough code to make into a github project or plugin, but a Gist? yeah sure - here ya go! Maybe you’ll find it useful. https://gist.github.com/aeischeid/373f9bf68f179027b3f5 As is, it outputs .xls files and you could use the output to render a spreadsheet file. You can also easily make this .xlsx but it requires including a couple more large POI jars.