Hi, my name is Aaron Eischeid. This is my tech blog where I write about stuff from the perspective of a full stack web developer guy, or an open source guy or other tech stuff maybe. I have another blog too, over there I tend to discuss religion, philosophy, economics, politics, bike riding, music playing, video games, or just basically everything else I might be interested in. Why two blogs and not one. I don’t know. It happened that way and intertwining them at this point seems like a lot of work that no one would probably even care about.

I maintain this blog both as an exercise in the practice of maintaining the skill of maintaining a blog / website, and to have a place to practice my writing. I write code for a living, but code is writing, writing is thinking. Writing prose about code is thinking about thinking (aka meta cognition) a thing I enjoy doing. Also it’s an important part of keeping the skills sharp, you know that self improvement stuff, and as icing there is the added benefit that someone else might find it useful I suppose. I am a bit notorious for run-on sentences and typos, the truth is a) I don’t really have anyone eager to proofread my stuff, and b) refined writing and editing isn’t really the goal here - its something closer to a diary in public than a professional publication. Anyway, I am working on doing better in my writing and so many other areas.

Find me on LinkedIn if you want. Twitter is for way less thought out stuff is a special kind of dumpster fire, and I avoid it. I do post about stuff that would be on topic for this blog sometimes on Mastodon.

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