Hi, my name is Aaron Eischeid. I am an opinionated, but hopefully not abrasively arrogant, full stack web developer, who in addition to being a staunch advocate of open source technology and the web as an application platform, likes to discuss religion, philosophy, economics, and politics, enjoys bike riding, guitar playing, and the occasional video game. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to four kids. I have a tendency towards run-on sentences and bad grammar in general. I am working on doing better in my writing and so many other areas.

My work ideologies include continuous improvement, working hard at work worth doing, and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Therefore, I lean towards doing things right rather than doing things fast. My skills/knowledge set include: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Grails, React, Svelte, Java/Groovy, Rust, Git, Linux. Maybe you want to hire me to do something for you. I am employed already, and I have a family and stuff, so I am not looking for projects to keep me busy, but still, I might be up for that. Feel free to contact me at a dot eischeid at gmail dot com