Virtual Android Phone on Karmic Desktop

I am in the process of reading “Mobile Design and Development” by Brian Fling. It’s pretty good stuff. The first 8 chapters haven’t gone into technical details of programming at all. It’s been a lot of discussion about mobile as a platform, it’s history, its potential, its complexness, etc.

All fascinating stuff. Supporting the wide array of devices and browsers is a daunting task to say the least. For efficiencies sake I have decided to start by focusing on WebKit. From what I am reading and my perception of trends I’d say WebKit is a platform to really keep an eye on if you are a web developer at all.

For those who don’t know, Webkit is the underlying technology in the browser used in the iPhone, the numerous Google/Android phones popping up, and the Palm Pre. WebKit’s approach to rendering CSS seems to be defining or redefining the standard of how to use CSS for mobile. For example two major players, Opera and Mozilla have adopted it for their mobile browsers (Mozilla’s Fennec is still in Beta). The old media=’handheld’ thing, which I never ever got around to experimenting with, seems to be losing traction.

Here are a couple articles talking about web design for mobile. optimizing for iphone and android a list apart article All that said I wanted to start playing around. Android is an open source platform and it’s development tools including an emulator are free. download install this is what I put in my .bashrc file

### Android ### (home will be where ever you extracted the package you got off the Android website ) 
ANDROID\_HOME=~/opt/android-sdk-linux\_x86-1.6\_r1 PATH=$ANDROID\_HOME/bin:$PATH export ANDROID_HOME PATH

In order to load the new path do:

> source .bashrc

use eclipse to launch emulator [caption id=”attachment_85” align=”alignnone” width=”480” caption=”Android Virtual Environment on Karmic Desktop”]Android Virtual Environment on Karmic Desktop[/caption]

2020 update

I find myself pluging in an actual device in debug mode and connecting that to my browsers dev tools. much easier and more of a feel for what is really happening