browser benchmarking

been a while since I did this sort of thing. I was curious how things were coming along with Firefox 3.6 alpha (the one that shows up as ‘unknown’ in the graph), and the latest Opera release candidate. I wonder if it would slow Chromium down if I enabled the flash plugin… I think a few extra plugins for firefox 3.5.2 might be what is slowing it down compared to 3.5.0, but I don’t really want to go through the trouble of turning them off and on again. Here are my results for the Sunspider benchmark:

  • FF3.6a - 1758.4ms
  • FF 3.5.2 - 1849.6ms
  • Opera10RC - 5361.2ms
  • Chromium4 - 726.6ms

and for the Peacekeeper benchmark: browserTest

2020 update

javascript is fast these days, and the unintended result is we ship WAY to much of it most of the time.